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What We Do

Onsite Support

Encom Software offers onsite dedicated support.

Custom software development

Encom Software offer custom web application development.

Sophos reseller

Encom Software will help you protect your network with the leading sofware security suite of software.

99.9% uptime

This one is simple, we just never go down. Or infrastructure allows for fantastic uptimes.

Our Services

Our Network

Domain Transfers

If your domain is hosted with someone else, it’s no problem. We can autonomously move the domain, for legacy systems we are happy to assign one of our representatives to make your transition nice and smooth

Custom requirments

We are happy to accomodate every single client with different requirments, this is what seperates us from the giants. You get a much more one to one solution.

Free telephonic support

You are welcome to call us for some free support or advice. We have over 40 years of I.T experience.


Available Services

Data Protection

We use great technology such as the SUN zfs filesystem to allow for periodic snapshots. The data is then still replicates to other servers that will also maintain the snapshots.

Custom VPS servers

We are happy to allow you to run any iso image you would like, you don't have to use the standard Linux / windows images. As long as it doesn’t violate or policies.

Website design

Once you have purchased your hosting we are happy to help you get your site up and running asap. Chat to our sales team to find the best solution for you!

Offsite NAS

Our offsite nas will integrate with your current network but with piece of mind that its safe and secure. You can have your own VPN into your own private VLAN.

Contact Us

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Complete your contact information and we will call you back as soon as one of our representitives are available!

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