Encom Software offer re-seller opportunities

We are excited to announce Encom Software now offers great re-sale opportunities just for YOU! 
Earn extra cash today by selling our very competitive and comprehensive domain registration and hosting packages.
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Encom Software offer high availability sites

Encom Software has the pleasure in announcing that we offer high availability site hosting. It can be either a static site or a dynamic site with full mySQL replication between the servers.
This is great because if one server has a problem the traffic will just redirect until the other server becomes available. This is also great for load balancing your…

About Encom

Encom Software is a professional and dynamic software development and IT solutions company. With more than 16 years of experience in successfully delivering software and development services to international corporations, including world leading banks, we understand the importance of an integrated, cutting-edge, yet simplified approach. Read more...

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